The My NEO Group Community Votes!

Voting is closed (19/12/2022).

The community chose Banca NEO Cash Back with 56.9% of the votes.

This option will therefore be added to our Road Map and will be released in the first quarter of 2023

As we indicated in the last NEO NEWS report, during the last weeks My NEO Group has collected ideas and feedback from the most active members of the community.

The three things that have been asked the most by the community are:

1- Banca NEO Cashback section 2- Add Italian as a language 3- Video Tutorials
1- Banca NEO Cashback section: Add a new section "Banca NEO Cashback" in NEO Dash and NEO X. In this new section it will be possible to consult all the information concerning the cashback generated during the past month according to your membership.
2- Add Italian as a language: Add Italian as an available language for NEO Dash and NEO X.
3- Video Tutorials: Creation of new tutorial videos for NEO Dash and NEO X.
The three features will be implemented in the next few months, and this week we ask the community which service should be implemented in priority.
We therefore ask all members of our community to participate in this survey which will be open from Saturday December 17 at 7:00pm (Italia time) until Monday December 19 at 7:00pm (Italia time).
At the close of the votes, the service that has collected the majority of the votes will be the one that will be implemented first. And from the middle of next week it will be added to our Road Map.
Thanks to the NEO community for their participation!
My NEO Group Trust - 2023