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Advanced Compliance Technology Solutions

  • Overview: Sumsub, leveraging the prowess of artificial intelligence, offers an integrated suite for identity validation, fraud deterrence, KYC solution deployment, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) surveillance, and the secure retention of client data, thereby fortifying and facilitating compliant digital businesses.

  • Unique Attributes: Exclusively serving as the KYC facilitator for the VASP, Sumsub boasts a multifunctional interface. This permits the collection of video-based user identifications and the initiation of anti-fraud operations. Through Sumsub, the VASP is endowed with an expansive repertoire of functionalities.

  • Overview: Ondato stands as a technological pioneer, optimizing KYC and AML processes for corporate entities. The solutions they proffer encompass a wide range of compliance challenges, ranging from client initiation to maintaining an exhaustive, ongoing client monitoring database.

  • Philosophy: Rooted in collaborative partnerships with clients, Ondato's primary objective is to address and resolve their distinct business challenges. In doing so, they champion the cause of fortifying the digital landscape for all stakeholders.

Napier |

  • Overview: Introducing Napier Continuumโ€”an avant-garde, AI-augmented platform designed to weave together data streams, orchestrate operations, and administrate risk, all housed within a unified financial crime risk management hub.

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