Compliance Technologies

Compliance Technologies

1. Sumsub www.sumsub.com

KYC provider Sumsub uses artificial intelligence-powered solutions to automatically manage identity verification, fraud prevention, implementation of KYC solutions, AML screening, and customer data storage to protect and enable regulated online business.
Sumsub—the sole KYC provider to the VASP—is a multifaceted tool with the ability to collect users' video identification and exercise fraud prevention workflows. Sumsub enables the VASP to gain access to a wide variety of functions.

2. Ondato www.ondato.com

Ondato, a tech company that streamlines KYC and AML-related processes for businesses. Making the tools that cover the full spectrum of compliance challenges, from new client onboarding to a comprehensive database for ongoing client monitoring. Our culture is based on cooperation with our clients, and by solving their business problems, we’re contributing a safer digital space for everyone.

3. Napier www.napier.ai

Napier Continuum is a new class of AI-enhanced platform to connect data, control operations, and manage risk in a single, fully integrated financial crime risk management centre.
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