NEO Crypto Card

NEO Crypto Card

The NEO Visa Crypto Card is Now Accessible to All NEO Members!

Experience Unparalleled Convenience with Banca NEO Crypto Card! Users of NEO Dash and NEO X now have the power to connect their USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, and NFIX wallets to their Visa cards (both virtual and physical). Dive into the future of financial transactions with us!

vIBAN: Say goodbye to banking woes of refused or blocked crypto transactions. With our Euro vIBAN, you can make both inbound and outbound payments in an instant!

Lightning Network Exchange: Swap crypto for FIAT and vice versa in mere seconds. No more waiting for transaction confirmation โ€“ your crypto or euros will be credited immediately!

Versatile Connectivity: Your NEO card can easily be linked to your crypto wallet or your vIBAN. Connect your card in just a few seconds and enjoy the convenience!

Up to 20% Cashback: Boost your purchasing power with every purchase. Receive up to 40% cashback in NRT!

Additionally, NEO's VISA cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google for all NEO Dash and NEO X users.

4 simple steps - 4 minutes:

  • Pass the KYC

  • Activate your virtual card in seconds

  • Connect it to the wallet of your choice (USDT, USDC, ETH, BTC or NFIX)

  • Add your card to Google Pay or Apple Pay.

You are ready to pay with your card in all the shops in the world that accept Visa cards, i.e. several million. Go to > Banca NEO > Crypto Card vIBAN

NEO Crypto Card on NEO X

NEO Crypto Card on NEO Dash

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