Eligible Devices to Complete KYC

You can do it either with a desktop computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone. A smartphone is necessary for the photo taking phase, but if you start verifying on a desktop, that's fine; you will get a code to take photos using a mobile.

To know how to perform the KYC, click here.

Account Verification Waiting Time

It usually takes a few minutes to verify your identity on NEO Dash, but in some cases it may take longer. The duration of the KYC depends on several factors, including the account type, the documents provided, and more.

Entering the Wrong Data

If the KYC form was filled out incorrectly, you will receive a red result tag (rejected) and will be able to resubmit the necessary information.

Verification Types

My NEO Group has 2 account levels - A KYC to be able to activate visa cards (NEO Crypto Card) on NEO Dash / NEO X and a KYC to open a Banca NEO bank account.


  • Make sure all your funds are withdrawn before closure

  • Once closed, the account recovery won't be possible, you will have to make a new account

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