Chronological Retrospective

The inception of My NEO Group emerged from a seamless amalgamation of unparalleled proficiency, fervent passion, and prescient foresight. At this juncture, we are steered by a multi-faceted consortium of over 300 professionals, encapsulating over 16 distinctive nationalities, with an operational footprint spanning 12 nations. Our assembly consists of an eclectic mix of academicians, technologists, cryptocurrency aficionados, and entrepreneurial visionaries, all unified under the overarching beacon of championing online anonymity, fortifying fiscal autonomy, and catalyzing the adoption trajectory of digital currencies.

At the core of our operational tenets lies the cardinal principle of elevating humanistic values over pecuniary gains. Our endeavors are aimed at sculpting a resonant impact within the crypto and FinTech realms, and progressively further afield. As an enterprise, our governance structure is predicated on autonomy, impartiality, and foundational control, eschewing the sway of external venture capital stakeholders. This self-sustaining model fortifies our unwavering allegiance to our envisioned objectives and our pursuit of pioneering, user-centric fintech innovations.

My NEO Group's trajectory has been characterized by meticulous strategization and calibrated outreach. We embarked on our expedition within the European landscape, promulgating our comprehensive application suite and bespoke white-label offerings tailored for the emergent crypto and FinTech demography. The alignment of our offerings with market dynamics culminated in the monumental acquisition of a dedicated user collective surpassing 200,000 patrons.

Our horizon, while reflecting the vibrancy of our lineage, is infused with anticipatory dynamism. Our analytical and strategic expansion contingents perpetually engage in deciphering market flux and end-user paradigms, orchestrating prognostications grounded on the current and impending My NEO Group portfolio, with astute consideration of industry-specific determinants. While cognizant of the volatility inherent in such predictive endeavors, we perceive these as conduits for groundbreaking ingenuity, expansive outreach, and sustained industry resonance.

In perpetuating our odyssey, the foundational ethos of our establishment remains our touchstone โ€” an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the human element. Our overarching aim is to ensure that our strategic decisions and product rollouts serve as pillars bolstering the global gravitation towards digital currency platforms.

User Projections Framework Our analytical consortium, comprising strategic forecasters and business proliferation strategists, has orchestrated a predictive model detailing prospective user metrics, hinged on the extant and imminent My NEO Group portfolio. It is imperative to note that these projections have been meticulously sculpted, assimilating industry-centric variables into the calculus.

Users Forecast

Our team of analysts and business development managers have created a series of predicted customer numbers based on available and upcoming My NEO Group products. *Sector-related variables have been taken into consideration.

YearObjective: Number of UsersGoal Achieved


100 000

+200 000


400 000

+500 000


1 million

+1 000 000


3 million

In progress


10 million

In progress

*Buyer may be in possession of certain plans, projections, and alternate forecasts regarding the Business. Buyer acknowledges the existence of substantial uncertainties inherent in attempting to make such plans, projections, and alternate forecasts and accordingly is not relying on them, and Buyer shall have no claim against anyone with respect thereto.

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