My NEO Group's Strategic Acquisition of ZENIQ DMCC Ushers in the Era of NEO ZENTECH

DUBAI, December 2, 2023 โ€“ My NEO Group, an avant-garde in the fintech and cryptocurrency realms, has announced its acquisition of a majority stake in ZENIQ DMCC, a pioneering force in blockchain-based digital asset management. This strategic move marks the birth of NEO ZENTECH, blending My NEO Group's financial acumen with ZENIQ's technological prowess to set new benchmarks in the industry.

My NEO Group: A Titan in Financial Management

My NEO Group, with over 30 subsidiaries across the globe, demonstrates its prowess in asset management by overseeing the handling of several billion dollars through its branches. This extensive network not only underscores its immense capability in financial management but also the high level of trust it commands in the market. At the forefront of fintech and crypto innovation, My NEO Group has been instrumental in melding traditional financial systems with revolutionary decentralized finance. The group's expertise, enriched by a global network of over +300 specialists from 12 countries and a robust portfolio of international certifications and licenses, positions it as a global leader in fintech solutions. This expertise encompasses trading, cryptocurrency, blockchain, FinTech, BaaS, SaaS, and comprehensive fund management, attracting over +1,000,000 members to its community.

ZENIQ: Spearheading Blockchain Innovation

Since its inception in 2018, ZENIQ has focused on innovative blockchain solutions tailored for the DeFi world. Its flagship NOMO App, trusted by over 100,000 users, offers secure and intuitive access to blockchain technology. The app's features, such as real-time crypto transactions and a secure wallet on smartphones underscore ZENIQ's commitment to user-centric innovation. The company's roadmap reflects its dedication to pioneering the field of digital asset management, starting from concept creation to market analysis and research.

NEO ZENTECH: A Fusion of Fintech and Blockchain Mastery

NEO ZENTECH is born from a vision to harness the strengths of My NEO Group's global financial expertise and ZENIQ's blockchain infrastructure. This merger aims to elevate global standards of compliance and professionalism in the blockchain space through significant powerful new appointments, team expansion, and a dedicated focus on fostering a highly skilled and collaborative team.

NEO ZENTECH is set to fast-track the development of asset tokenization and enhance the NOMO app, leveraging the synergies between the two companies. As part of this strategic initiative, My NEO Group will implement its own technology approaches, leading to a comprehensive transformation that includes renaming and rebranding to NEO ZENTECH.

This collaboration serves as a reassurance to ZENIQ users that the ecosystem remains intact, with a continued focus on their needs and trust.

New Milestones: NEO ZT1 Smartphone and On-Ramp/Off-Ramp Services

The first concrete results of this new structure, NEO ZENTECH, include the launch of the NEO ZT1 smartphone, specifically designed for seamless integration with the ZENIQ blockchain. Moreover, a significant milestone is the transition of My NEO Group's utility token, NRT, from the Binance blockchain to the ZENIQ blockchain, enhancing the token's functionality and integration within the NEO ZENTECH ecosystem. My NEO Group also introduces new on-ramp and off-ramp services for NEO ZENTECH, available in over 170 supported countries, accommodating 400+ supported cryptocurrencies, 40+ supported fiat currencies, and all major payment methods.

Advancing Asset Tokenization through ZENIQ Blockchain

Central to this acquisition is the emphasis on asset tokenization via the ZENIQ blockchain. NEO ZENTECH is innovatively applying the ZENIQ blockchain across a variety of sectors including real estate, aviation mobility, the entertainment industry, sports ventures, and disruptive technologies in the drone industry. These initiatives highlight the versatile capacity of the ZENIQ blockchain in revolutionizing asset management and represent a strategic commitment by NEO ZENTECH to innovate in the blockchain space.

A Future Defined by Decentralized Financial Systems

The integration of My NEO Group's innovative cryptocurrency payment mechanisms with ZENIQ's blockchain technology promises to transform how consumers, merchants, software developers, and institutional stakeholders interact with fintech and crypto technologies.


The merger of My NEO Group and ZENIQ into NEO ZENTECH represents a significant stride towards a future driven by decentralized and inclusive financial systems. NEO ZENTECH is poised to be a game-changer in the digital asset management domain, leveraging the joint strengths of both entities to usher in a new era of innovation and excellence.

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