The Current Context

In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency and fintech, these industries are restrained by inherent limitations, hindering their capacity to fully serve user needs.

CENTRALIZED STRUCTURES: As the global narrative shifts towards decentralization and active user engagement, conventional businesses with their obsolete models appear antiquated. These models rely on decision-making by a select few, resulting in restricted transparency and user involvement.
PARTICIPATION AND INCENTIVES DEFICIENCY: Only a minuscule fraction of these businesses actively engage their users, providing incentives to drive value creation.
INTEGRATED EXPERIENCE GAP: The classic realm of fiat currencies and the emerging world of cryptocurrencies experience communication barriers, causing challenges in achieving a seamlessly integrated financial management system without resorting to multiple platforms.
The crypto and fintech sectors are ripe with opportunities for enhancement and expansion, poised to innovate their offerings and better cater to their clientele's needs.
My NEO Group Trust - 2023