NEO X it’s the first one Super App which integrates into an all-in-one solution, fintech and crypto services, and hundreds of commonly used apps for online shopping and communication.


The Super App Shift: How consumers want save, shop and spend in the connected economy, My NEO Group look at how consumer demand for streamlined payment experiences has created widespread interest in a super app to manage the complexity of modern life.

A broad range of recent technological changes, from advanced mobile devices to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered standalone applications to new payments technologies, have changed the parameters of the possibilities for retailers, financial institutions (FIs) and consumers.

1 Real-time connections between payment rails, retailers, essential and nonessential activities and digital identities power today's consumer experiences.

2 We call this decentralized, evolving global infra- structure built for efficiency, security and intuitive user experience the ConnectedEconomy.

Within the ConnectedEconomy, con- sumers engage in a range of core activities that power day-to-day life actions that are now fundamental interconnected. For example, shop- ping online can lead to ordering from restaurants via an app, which can nor- malize app-based grocery delivery, opening the door to many other con- nected undertakings. Though these actions are intertwined, the current infrastructure is anything but. The channels consumers use to engage in the ConnectedEconomy are disjointed, a nest of separate apps and websites from myriad providers that can clog smartphone home screens and neces- sitate the creation of overwhelming numbers of accounts (and the remem- brance and safekeeping of just as many account credentials).

A super app may fix this. A super app provides a user interface through which consumers can shop, order food, check social media, bank, crypto and so on — all within a single solution. It can help solve the current ecosys- tem’s decentralization problem and address consumers’ universal desire for consistent, secure and frictionless interactions throughout the pillars of their lives.

Global consumers already want a super app: Approximately seven in 10 respondents report interest in such a solution.

Driven by a desire for convenience and financial wellness — the latter especially among Generation Z consumers — most survey respondents have at least some interest in a solution that would allow them to manage payments and other everyday activities through a centralized tool. Overall, approx- imately one-quarter are “very” or “extremely” interested in a super app, and consumers who have fully inte- grated connective technology into their lives are approximately twice as likely as other respondents to exhibit this high interest.

Consumers desire a super app, particularly for convenience and security.

A core advantage of a super app is its elegance: such a solution takes what once was a tangled thread pile of apps, websites and channels and spools it into a single, centralized experience. Nearly four in 10 consumers who are “slightly” or “somewhat” interested in a super app highly value the benefit of minimizing the risk of losing sensitive information, and among highly interested consumers, that share rises to 57%. An equal share of highly interested consumers greatly values the convenience of coordinating different areas of life in one place.

The full report is available HERE

Why does Musk want to make an 'everything app'?

Would you like to make your smartphone more efficient by managing all the main apps in a single centralized platform? From social networks, to WhatsApp, to those for online shopping, such as Amazon and many others.

The solution is NEO X. It's the first “all-in-one” Super App that aggregates and makes your apps usable quickly, in a single login, freeing up storage space on your phone.

NEO X was conceived and built by MY NEO GROUP. This is why it is a real “Digital Ecosystem”, a versatile and scalable fintech platform, in which banking services and next-generation payment solutions are found. In the Super App you can aggregate all your current accounts, centrally manage transactions, deposit and exchange cryptocurrencies, and thanks to an innovative exchange system, use them to pay with a prepaid card, or with the integrated contactless system.

NEO X -Beta 1- already available: ANDROID and iOS

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