Token Audit

Token Audit by TechRate

TechRate is an analytical and engineering agency focused on blockchain technology solutions and audits, a leading smart contract auditor.

Techrate gave NRTโ€™s smart contract security qualifications a score of 99%. The evaluation encompasses NEO CREDITโ€™s quality, security, and correctness. NEO Credit scored a testable code of 100%, which is higher than the industry standard of 95%. Moreover, no critical or medium-level issues were discovered during the audit.

The Techrate team ensured that the NRT smart contract implements and adheres to existing standards appropriately and effectively, and documentation and code comments match logic and behavior. The audit ensured that the smart contract distributes tokens in a manner that matches calculations, and follows best practices for efficient use of resources, without unnecessary waste.

Techrateโ€™s blockchain Security Team held NRT on a silver platter and declared that the tokenโ€™s smart contract meets their security requirements for listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Check audit report: Github Techrate

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