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Burning Strategy

Reducing NRT circulation over time - Here's how it works:

Our autonomous organization, NEO , periodically repurchases NEO Credit (NRT) tokens from the open market for permanent eradication.
This "token burn" strategy operates in a fully transparent, public manner with all pertinent information such as the number of tokens burned and transaction value meticulously recorded on the NEO blockchain.
Essentially, NEO allocates a part of its quarterly profits to acquire NRT from the market, and then extinguishes them.
This strategy is geared towards reducing the supply of NRT in circulation, thereby increasing its scarcity and potentially driving up the value of the remaining NRT tokens.
For each NEO Burn event, the token burn rate stands at 20% of NEO quarterly profits. However, the actual percentage of tokens burned may fluctuate as it is contingent upon the NEO ONE profits from the previous quarter.
For instance, if NEO made a profit of $1 million in the last quarter, it will burn $200,000 worth of NRT (which will be bought from the market). This will represent the token burn percentage for that quarter.
Marking a significant milestone, the inaugural NEO Burn event kicked off on June 1, 2023. During this event, 20% of the NEO ONE profits from the previous quarter was burned, adhering to the predetermined burn rate.
My NEO Group Trust - 2023