Unveiling Audit Insights by Renowned Firms

My NEO Group: A Paradigm of Security and Compliance — Unveiling Audit Insights by Renowned Firms

In a significant stride towards ensuring robust security and transparency, My NEO Group has been at the forefront of technological innovation, particularly with its NEO ZENTECH platform, formerly known as ZENIQ.

Emphasizing its dedication to operational excellence, My NEO Group recently underwent rigorous audits conducted by two distinguished entities: Graf Praschma Heß & Rottloff Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and FOREUS INTELLIGENCE GmbH. These independent firms are renowned for their stringent audit standards and global recognition, underscoring their credibility in providing unbiased, thorough assessments.

Graf Praschma Heß & Rottloff’s expertise in regulatory treatment shines through their detailed analysis of ZENIQ HUB’s offerings, ensuring compliance with German supervisory law. This audit affirms that the distribution of ZENIQ HUB is in strict adherence to legal standards, highlighting the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance.

FOREUS INTELLIGENCE GmbH, a leader in security auditing, conducted a comprehensive review of ZENIQ’s operations. Their findings paint a picture of robust security protocols, financial transparency, and ethical governance. The audit covers areas like regulatory compliance, safety measures, and financial integrity, showing no significant deficiencies or security vulnerabilities as of October 2023. This ongoing process signifies ZENIQ’s commitment to continuous improvement and proactive security measures.

My NEO Group’s decision to further engage KPMG, a globally renowned auditing firm, for a complete audit of NEO ZENTECH, reflects its unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards. This forthcoming audit, to be published soon, demonstrates My NEO Group’s transparency and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Furthermore, My NEO Group’s commitment to annual audits post the KPMG review ensures a sustained focus on compliance, setting a benchmark in the industry. This strategy aligns with the company’s ethos of staying ahead in security, compliance, and transparency, providing its users with cutting-edge blockchain technology updates transparently.

In conclusion, these audits are more than mere compliance checks for My NEO Group; they represent a steadfast commitment to leading the way in security and compliance, ensuring its users of the NEO ZENTECH platform stay informed and protected. This proactive approach solidifies My NEO Group’s position as a trailblazer in the technology sector, continually setting new standards for operational excellence.

NB: For those interested in delving deeper into the details of these audits, My NEO Group has made the comprehensive reports available for download. You can access the expert opinion by Graf Praschma Heß & Rottloff Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and the detailed security audit by FOREUS INTELLIGENCE GmbH directly below this article. These documents offer an in-depth view of the rigorous standards and practices upheld by My NEO Group, reaffirming its commitment to transparency and excellence in every aspect of its operation.



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