Banca NEO

Banca NEO

Banca NEO is a neobank service provider powered by My NEO Group. It provides B2B and B2C digital banking services in 190 countries, supporting 38 currencies all in the same account with Forex trading features. Users can carry out transactions within Europe with the SEPA system. Banca NEO also supports SWIFT transfer, a secure and standardized method of sending or receiving money to and from banks worldwide. Banca NEO provides virtual and plastic cards to withdraw money from ATMs across the world. Up to 100 cards for business accounts. Payroll account is available to have an account reserved only for processing salaries. Separate corporate funds and vendor payments with salaries, to regularly deposit the same amount into the account and stay on top of payroll. Website:


Private account

Business account

EUR and USD accounts (up to 38 currencies to request)

MasterCard debit card

Payroll account


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