Account Security

Account Security

Information Safety

Your information is stored securely on our local servers that are not accessible via an external network or disclosed to any third parties to prevent any illegal activity.

Automatic Log-Out Feature

Automatic logout plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and the integrity of data. It comes in handy if you forget to log out of the system.

Security Measures to Protect Account

Real-time notifications - We keep you up-to-date on your Log in, Deposit, Withdrawal, Investments and Earnings, as well as notify you of all movements, to make sure you are always in control.

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) - In order to keep your account secure, we suggest you scan the shown QR Code using Google authenticator and insert the received code below to activate your 2FA. Afterwards with every log in, you will have to provide the security code that is presented in your mobile device.

Recovery email and phone number - You can enter a secondary email address which is useful if you no longer have access to the email address linked to your account. We recommend that you connect your personal email address; you can also choose that of a person you trust, but keep in mind that with that address you have access to your account.

IP/Country restriction - You will be allowed to login only from a range of IP addresses that were defined by yourself. If someone will try to log in outside the allowed range, login will not be possible.

Balance privacy - Enable the option to hide all your values and keep unwanted eyes off of your account. The eye icon at the top-right corner will allow you to switch between the hidden and visible modes.

Restrict withdrawals to the address book addresses only - Set up your whitelist restrictions for extra protection. The only address book addresses will be allowed to withdraw to.

Don't forget!

  • Set up your country restrictions

  • Do not share your password

  • Change your password often (every 30 - 90 days)

  • Avoid predictable passwords

  • Do not let your internet browser remember your password

  • Do not use an unreliable Wi-Fi connection when accessing NEO Dash or NEO X

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