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My NEO Group's Rigorous Security and Compliance Audits: A Comprehensive Review

In the dynamic world of technology, My NEO Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to security and compliance, especially with its innovative NEO ZENTECH platform, formerly known as ZENIQ. This commitment was recently underscored by comprehensive audits conducted by two highly respected firms: Graf Praschma HeรŸ & Rottloff and FOREUS INTELLIGENCE GmbH. These independent audits serve as a testament to My NEO Group's adherence to the highest standards in regulatory compliance and operational security.

Graf Praschma HeรŸ & Rottloff's audit provided a detailed analysis of the legal compliance of the ZENIQ HUB offerings in Germany. This rigorous evaluation concluded that the distribution of ZENIQ HUB aligns with the current legal standards, affirming the companyโ€™s commitment to adhering to regulatory requirements.

Meanwhile, FOREUS INTELLIGENCE GmbH conducted an exhaustive security audit of NEO ZENTECH (formerly ZENIQ), assessing various dimensions including regulatory compliance, safety measures, financial transparency, and ethical governance. This comprehensive review revealed a robust security framework, with no significant deficiencies or vulnerabilities identified as of October 2023. This reflects the company's proactive approach in maintaining high security standards and its dedication to continuous improvement.

In a move that further demonstrates its commitment to transparency and excellence, My NEO Group has engaged KPMG, one of the world's most renowned auditing firms, to conduct a complete audit of NEO ZENTECH. This forthcoming audit, expected to be published in the coming weeks or months, illustrates My NEO Groupโ€™s unwavering dedication to operational integrity.

Moreover, My NEO Group plans to undertake annual audits following the KPMG review. This initiative aims to ensure ongoing compliance and operational excellence, showcasing the company's dedication to setting and maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

In conclusion, these audits are not just routine compliance checks for My NEO Group; they represent the companyโ€™s dedication to leading the field in terms of security, compliance, and transparency. By keeping its users informed with transparent updates, My NEO Group solidifies its position as a frontrunner in providing secure and compliant technological solutions DOWNLOAD OFFICIAL REPORT GRAF PRASCHMA, HEรŸ & ROTTLOFF: HERE


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