Adding Your Visa Crypto Card to Google Pay

Unleash the power of your finances in the palm of your hand! In this video, we're revealing the step-by-step process on how to add and activate your Visa Crypto Card from Banca NEO into Google Pay swiftly, in under two minutes! Embrace the future of digital banking with us, making your life easier and your transactions faster. Start utilizing your crypto assets in the real world today, right after watching this quick guide. Stay tuned and let's get you up and running in no time! Ready, set, Crypto!

Still haven't got your Banca NEO card? Worry not, it's as easy as 1-2-3. Simply visit > log into your dashboard or create an account in less than 30 seconds. Then, from the left-hand menu, click on BANCA NEO > CRYPTO CARD & vIBAN.

For those of you who have already completed your KYC process, just hit the 'Create Card' button and voila! - your card will be there for you.

If you haven't completed your KYC process yet, no problem at all! You can get it done in just a few minutes and your card will be activated instantly. We've got everything set to get you on board! Empower your financial world with us. Let's take your banking experience to the next level with Banca NEO!

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