At My NEO Group, we are pioneers in crafting state-of-the-art FinTech and crypto solutions, seamlessly bridging traditional financial systems with the revolutionary decentralized finance landscape. Our cutting-edge applications address real-world financial needs and play a pivotal role in integrating cryptocurrencies into the mainstream market.

Beyond being a mere corporate identity, My NEO Group embodies a global network of leading professionals from the finance and technology arenas. Our team โ€” an amalgamation of over 300 specialists from 12 diverse nations โ€” offers expertise in trading, cryptocurrency, blockchain, FinTech, BaaS, SaaS, and comprehensive fund management.

Accentuating our global prominence, our partners and subsidiaries have attained prestigious certifications and licenses. This portfolio includes EMI, VASP, MasterCard Europe, Crypto-wallet services, custodian solutions, Crypto-exchanges, VISA, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, as well as the Canada MSB License, America MSB License and the Indonesia Payment License. These accreditations enable us to offer a suite of robust, flexible financial tools to a rapidly growing user community, now surpassing 1,000,000 members.

Ensuring strict adherence to international regulations, our subsidiaries and partners are governed by regulatory authorities spanning Switzerland, Lithuania, the UK, Luxembourg, Dubai, Estonia, Indonesia, Monaco Monte Carlo and Canada. As affiliates of the VQF, they enjoy recognition from Switzerland's Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Simultaneously, their operations harmonize with protocols from the Central Bank of Lithuania, the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), CSSF, and the FCA. This intricate web of global regulations reinforces our unwavering dedication to upholding the zenith of compliance standards in every region we operate.

Within the expansive financial realm, My NEO Group shines as a paragon of trust and steadfastness. We are united by a common ethos centered on financial autonomy, privacy, and freedom, driving us relentlessly towards a future defined by decentralized and inclusive financial systems. Engineered to address the multifaceted demands of the global market, our solutions epitomize adaptability and innovation.

This white paper delineates the strategic direction of the My NEO Group, an in-depth overview of our NEO Credit (NRT) token, and an exhaustive discourse on ecosystem applications, spotlighting their core functionalities and evolutionary trajectory. Readers are advised that this document is dynamic and subject to regular refinements.

NEO is setting the gold standard in financial innovations by unveiling a groundbreaking cryptocurrency payment mechanism, one that offers a seamless conduit between fiat and crypto currencies. This caters to a vast audience, spanning everyday consumers, merchants, software developers, and institutional stakeholders.

Our commitment extends beyond mere transactional interactions. With a focus on fostering robust alliances, we've developed a sophisticated modular API designed to facilitate elite bank card solutions, customized for our treasured non-banking associates. With NEO's unparalleled infrastructure at their disposal, partners can effortlessly deploy their distinct Visa/Mastercard propositions. This symbiotic relationship ensures users enjoy unmatched flexibility, effortlessly toggling between crypto and fiat modes for their diverse transactional needs, irrespective of time or location. Together, we're steering the financial sector into its next transformative phase.

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