Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts are Not Permitted

Unfortunately, having multiple accounts is not allowed on My NEO Group, as there are certain limits for each user and tier level.

Creating a Joint Account is Not Allowed

It is not possible to have a My NEO Group account with two different names. If you and your spouse both want to use My NEO Group services, we suggest creating an account for each one of you.

What if I Already Have Two Accounts?

In case of duplicate accounts, you will receive a message from our support team. They will clarify which is your main account and close the secondary account for you.

Two Accounts Under One Email is Prohibited

We focus on the security and privacy of each member and value it very highly, therefore each account has to be registered with a unique email address. Keep in mind it is not possible to link multiple accounts of different people to the same email as well.

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